• Our history

    Paola Bizzi's story begins in the heart of the ancient streets of Rome, where the study of law gives way to passion. After earning my law degree, I made a courageous choice: to follow my true calling in the world of fashion and beauty. Welcome to the fascinating world of Paola Bizzi, an Italian fashion company that combines elegance and craftsmanship with a commitment to sustainability. Our passion for fashion translates into exclusive creations, where sustainability and individuality intertwine in a single experience.

  • Our philosophy

    With us, each model tells a story that in some cases begins with the design of exclusive prints for the fabrics. Our promise of originality is manifested through a distinctive approach: the prints change, and as a result, we create small series of garments that become almost one-of-a-kind pieces. A visual narrative that evolves through our limited edition creations.

    We follow every stage of production, creating synergies, collaborating with small artisan businesses in Rome and the surrounding area, which add a touch of mastery to every single piece.

  • Our goals

    We want to create simple and refined fashion, correct, recognizable and wearable, we want to create a business and spread our products by challenging stereotypes and difficulties, embracing the diversity and uniqueness of women.

    Join us in this exploration of a different fashion. Welcome to the timeless world of Paola Bizzi, where each dress is an ever-evolving work of art.


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